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June Holidays223I was recently away (hence lack of posts) and I happened to pass through wine country. Needless to say, I found some charming little wineries, but what really blew me away was how beautiful these ones vines were. The leaves were golden, and were being blown, shimmering, up into the air.

June Holidays226


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bon hiver

June Holidays213 ‘Bon Hiver’ means ‘good winter’ ( that’s actually where Bon Iver got the name ), but I’m afraid to say that even though winters are mild here, they have a lonely and slow feeling to them, and I long for the spring. On one of the more sunny winter days, I decided to help spring along a little by making some new leaves for my tree. Perhaps the seasons will follow suite? 

June Holidays216


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the owls


The other day I went to go and collect feathers for the making of a headdress, but I couldn’t NOT stop in and have a look at the birds at the bird zoo. the birds of prey were resplendent, and although it is sad to see them out of the wild, many are disabled ones that wouldn’t survive otherwise


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